The inspiration

My Ông Ngoại's Garden is a heartwarming story that reflects upon Ann Chau's personal experiences. Thanks for her dad's gardening hobby, her childhood was filled with an abundance of mouth-watering fruits like dragon fruits, papaya, sugar cane, permissions, soursop, bananas, and guava. These fruits were not just a treat, they were a symbol of love and generosity that lifted the spirits of their family and friends. 

Now, as a parent, Ann is delighted to see her son experience the same joy and wonder of tasting new fruits from his grandpa's garden. Through this children's book, Ann hopes to inspire children to develop a curiosity for different fruits and an appreciation for Vietnamese culture. Readers will be transported on a journey that celebrates the richness of Vietnamese culture. My Ông Ngoại's Garden is a must-read for anyone who wants to experience the joy of gardening.

What customers are saying

"...Cal and his grandfather connect through food, and
discussing food is one way Ong Ngoai passes culture and tradition down to his grandson." - Kirkus Reviews

"I read through the book and it was so familiar and
touching. This is so amazing, I'll be sharing it with my family,
friends, and students! My grandma loved reading the book too! It's helping her learn English." - Educator

"The book is so cute! I was able to show it to my mom, and
she really liked the drawing of fruits, especially the ones she wish she [could] try again. Thanks for this special moment with her." - Community partner

“I like that this part explains how preparing food is an act of love because sometimes it's not always said.” - Parent

“Thanks for a colorful reminder of all the fruits I adore,
and I hope [more families] can enjoy this love letter to our heritage.” - Assistant Professor of Sociology at Williams College