Highlights from the Viet Book Fest

Highlights from the Viet Book Fest

This past May, I had a fantastic opportunity to share My Ong Ngoai’s Garden children’s book with readers at the Viet Book Fest hosted by the Vietnamese American Arts and Letters Association (VAALA). VAALA's non-profit mission is to enrich communities through Vietnamese arts and culture.

At the Viet Book Fest, I participated in a Marketplace panel where authors shared their work in different genres. I met CB Lee, who writes young adult fiction and is known for her Sidekick Squad Series; Quan Huynh, who wrote a biography about his time serving a life sentence; poet Teresa Mei Chuc, and many more.

My children's book, which features my dad and son, resonated with many readers at the event. It was heartwarming to hear how it reminded them of their own loved ones, particularly those with a passion for gardening.

Participating in the Viet Book Fest was a deeply meaningful experience for me as an author. It provided a platform to promote representation through children’s literature, a topic close to my heart. One of the most touching moments was when a young Vietnamese boy approached me at the event, brimming with excitement about my book. This encounter was a powerful reminder of how representation can inspire the next generation.

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